Friday, June 26, 2009

Shadow Day

Yesterday was Shadow Day. That is when kids go to work with their parents.A very nice lady named Don has a little Day Care like place where kids go and play while their parents work. We go every year. In the picture above there are 2 bookmarks and 1 Sun wearing sunglasses iron thing. I made those at Don's place. I also played Wii and made 2 braclets.
My favorite part of going to my Dad's work was feeding the fish at the lake...LOL!
In this picture you will see my kitties are best friends. Chatty loves to lick Lil' Red's fur. Lil' Red likes to play with Chatty's tail. They are with each other all the time. Aren't they the best kitties ever? : ) Well chat with ya later.


  1. Great bookmarks. You did a fantastic job on them.

    Your kitties are too cute. I am glad they are getting along so well.

  2. Nice bookmarks ! Great that the cats get along.

  3. What a lovely blog you have katie. I love the way you made your bookmarks and the sun is fab. My daughter makes hama beads all the day long. Very cute kitties too. Bx

  4. Katie,
    Sounds like you had fun with the shadow day at work with daddy. Did the twins go? I guess Princess stayed home with mommy. Lil' Red and Chatty are BFF! They look like they enjoy one anothers company. You will miss them when you come to Meme's house in July.

    Love, Meme

  5. Awesome goodies you made, Katie! I really like the friendly sun!

    I think it's wonderful the kitties are now best buds. That's always a worry when you get a new pet...will they like each other?

  6. What a pretty blog but then I'm not surprised coming from such a talented mom.

  7. Mommy LOVES your play list Katie...I'm listening to it right now as I surf the have such good taste ;)

  8. I love your blog, Katie. The pictures of Little Red and Chatty are too cute. Sometimes I think Ollie, our shelter rescue cat, needs a buddy too. May have to look into that!! Thanks for sharing "your view".

    Theresa in NW Kansas