Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Excitement In My House

Hi! Here's the scoop of the past couple of days.I made Lil' Red a mohawk.
I got light savers from Edgar and Rico.

And we ate outside under our umbrella.
I would like to Thank Edgar and Rico.
Thank You Edgar and Rico for the light savers!! : )
I can't wait until the Fourth of July.
The day after the fourth is my Mom's birthday!
Today was a beautiful day. We ate outside all three meals.
For Breakfast Cheerios.
For Lunch Balogna sandwiches and chips.
For Diner Spaghetti Bake.
Well See Ya! : )

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shadow Day

Yesterday was Shadow Day. That is when kids go to work with their parents.A very nice lady named Don has a little Day Care like place where kids go and play while their parents work. We go every year. In the picture above there are 2 bookmarks and 1 Sun wearing sunglasses iron thing. I made those at Don's place. I also played Wii and made 2 braclets.
My favorite part of going to my Dad's work was feeding the fish at the lake...LOL!
In this picture you will see my kitties are best friends. Chatty loves to lick Lil' Red's fur. Lil' Red likes to play with Chatty's tail. They are with each other all the time. Aren't they the best kitties ever? : ) Well chat with ya later.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breaking News!!!!

Well we got a second kitty cat..... named Lil' Red. He is 2 months 0ld. He is an orange tabby.In the picture above you will see them meeting. Chatty has taken a liking to this little guy.
In this picture you will notice he is sound asleep in his homemade box with Chatty at his side.

Here he is again on the chair. Adorable!

Again up to no good in this pic...
We got him at the Humane Society. Lil' Red is getting use to his home and is warming up to Chatty. Yesterday that was not the case. Chatty was being nice to Lil' Red but Lil' Red hissed every time Chatty tried to be nice to him. Lil' Red is very active and very curious. Lil' Red has his own place to call home. Isn't he so cute? Catch ya later! : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Weekend

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day.... Us kids got our Dad candy bars. (His favorite Hershys) He picked up a cake from Sams yesterday to celebrate. The funny thing is the cake was pink with blue flowers..... not very manly. It was the only cake there according to what we wanted (Buttercream icing). At least the cake was good. Today at church I had to serve... I almost forgot what to do because I haven't served in a while. Thank the Lord I got through it. I almost forgot we got On Demand yesterday. Let me tell you it is AMAZING!!!!!! So many shows. Not enough time in the day.... to watch them all. LOL! Well my friends thats all I have to say today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Up and Vacation!

Hi Everyone!
This blog introdution is a variety of things we did.
On Thursday Mom, Ian, Jacob, Ellie, Kim, and I all went to see the movie Up in Digital 3-D.
Up has become one of my favorite movies.
It was really good.
We went on vacation to Nashville, TN. and Chattanooga, TN.
The pic above is the Hermitage. (Andrew Jackson's home)
Jacob really wanted to see it! He did a report on Andrew Jackson so he was interrested in seeing his house.
This was in Nashville.

The pic above is the Parthenon.
It was the same height, lenght, weight, structure,and looked exactly the same.
It was an exact replica of the original Parthenon.
This was in Nashville.

This pic is from Rock City.

I thought Rock City was fun to explore.

In the birdhouse you will find the three muskateers.

This was inChattanooga.

Last but not least this pic was at the Chattanooga Aquarium.

Above you may see Ellie and her little friend Penguin.

It was probably my faveorite part.

We also did Ruby Falls and the Incline in Chattanooga.

That was the best vacation yet!

See ya later! : )

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Family and Friends

My name is Katie and I am 11 years old. I wanted to have a blog so that I can write about all the things I do each day. Do you like the view from my room? It's in the side bar. I think its pretty...and there's a lot of things that go on out there. And I'll write about them!
Thanks to a little help from Mom this blog was made. Now pics of my family. : )
This is Chatty.
It must take a lot of energy to jump up on his sill because he had to take a couple of bites of kitty chow before he made it up there... LOL!

This is Mommy.

This is my Daddy.

These are my siblings.
Ian (Left), Jacob(Right), and the princess Ellie(Middle).
My friends are Kimie O., Ella A., Sarah S., and Kim C.
My e-mail pals are Maddi and my Meme.
I can't believe school is in eight weeks. Summer seems like it just flies by.
It's scorching outside today. You could probably cook an egg out there.
Until next time buddies.