Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Weekend

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day.... Us kids got our Dad candy bars. (His favorite Hershys) He picked up a cake from Sams yesterday to celebrate. The funny thing is the cake was pink with blue flowers..... not very manly. It was the only cake there according to what we wanted (Buttercream icing). At least the cake was good. Today at church I had to serve... I almost forgot what to do because I haven't served in a while. Thank the Lord I got through it. I almost forgot we got On Demand yesterday. Let me tell you it is AMAZING!!!!!! So many shows. Not enough time in the day.... to watch them all. LOL! Well my friends thats all I have to say today.


  1. Hi Katie,
    What good shows are you watching on the demand TV? How was that buttercreme icing? Yummy Yummy. Have a good rest of the day.
    Love, MeMe

    PS: I bet you will have a kitty picture tomorrow.

    TTFN MeMe

  2. Hi Katie from Pennsylvania!
    I thought this was a funny post-especially about the cake.
    You'll have to come to Hershey, PA someday and visit the amusement park here. Heard the chocolate was now being manufactured in Mexico. That is the pits to me.
    Wow-sounds like a good plan with OnDemand-good for hot summer days when you are stuck inside.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi, I read your mom's blog quite a bit and so thought I would check yours out. i am impressed and will check often. Did you end up watching anything on Demand?

  4. Ooooh candy and (girly) cake! Sounds yummy! I bet your dad appreciated it all. I think it's awesome that you serve at mass from time to time. Our lives are deeply enriched by the Catholic church. We just had our baby baptized a few weeks ago. I hope our children will be servers when they get older :)

  5. Katie you are so funny! LOL!

  6. Sounds like your dad had a great father's day - Hershey bars and a pink cake seem to be the highlight of the weekend - as well as the yummy meal I read about on your mother's blog. We celebrated with a family meal on Saturday too because my boys play ice hockey and had practice on Sunday.
    Take care and have a great summer week!

  7. Hello Katie! I think keeping a blog to document your activities is a great idea. Your mom shared your site so I had to check it out. I'm a quilter, cross stitcher and love to read, travel and watch the Detroit Tigers. We have two charming cats, Jasper and Annie. They send their meows to Chatty.

  8. Katie hello! Sounds like you provided your Daddy with the perfect Father's Day. I'm sure he's manly enough to pull off pink flowers. I'm a friend of your mom's and she does stitching for me sometimes...those little packages that come in the mail full of stuff for her to work on. Anyway, I think you are a GREAT blogger and good for you for being a server at church. Say hi to your Mom for me!

    Sharon Crescent :)

  9. Hi Katie, welcome back to blogging! love the look of your blog. I look forward to reading about your adventures!