Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breaking News!!!!

Well we got a second kitty cat..... named Lil' Red. He is 2 months 0ld. He is an orange tabby.In the picture above you will see them meeting. Chatty has taken a liking to this little guy.
In this picture you will notice he is sound asleep in his homemade box with Chatty at his side.

Here he is again on the chair. Adorable!

Again up to no good in this pic...
We got him at the Humane Society. Lil' Red is getting use to his home and is warming up to Chatty. Yesterday that was not the case. Chatty was being nice to Lil' Red but Lil' Red hissed every time Chatty tried to be nice to him. Lil' Red is very active and very curious. Lil' Red has his own place to call home. Isn't he so cute? Catch ya later! : )


  1. He is a doll baby. He sure is a cute little guy. Do you have a favorite kitty. I imagine you love them both the same. They both probably have cute but different personalities.
    Have a good afternoon and stay cool! It sure is hot outside today!
    Love, MeMe

  2. What a darling new cat! I was never allowed to have a cat when I was a kid. My sister and I desperately wanted one, but my dad said no way :( Why did you name your other cat Chatty? That's such a fun and unusual name!

  3. Lil' Red is so cute !! I'm sure Chatty and he will become the best of friends.

  4. Congratulations on your new kitty, Katie! He really is most adorable.

  5. Your kitten is adorable and most kittens are up to no good :-)

  6. Hi there. Lil' Red is just too cute. I'm happy to hear you got him from the Humane Society. I work at my local HS.

    I hear you like the Mt. Rushmore bookmark I sent to your mother. I'm happy to hear you love to read because I'm a retired librarian.

    Have fun with LR!

  7. Hi Katie :)
    Mommy's behind on her blog reading....because of kittens, baseball and softball.... :o)
    I sure do love Lil' Red too and he's a real sweetie...but that Chatty, he's a good lover boy too! We're lucky that we talked Daddy into just one more, huh?!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a darling kitty! My family hated cats when I grew up, so we always had dogs on the outside. But since I've been married, we've had cats and dogs both on the inside and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Have fun with your new little one!

  9. Hi Katie, your new kitty is adorable. Lil' Red looks right at home there with Chatty. You are doing very well in your blog writing. Keep it up!

    Hoosier Stitchers