Monday, July 12, 2010

So Far So Good

Well everything has been good here at home. It's been the Fourth Of July, Mom's Birthday, and the usual Summer activities. Ellie and I were taking they are!Red...umm sleeping! :)


Ian is happy? :]

Last but not least Ellie.
If you were wondering Chatty isn't the picture posing type...
There we are. :)
Dad came and watched us skate on Wednesday night after work. He was surprised we could skate so well. He took us swimming yesterday too.
Ellie is obsessed with Garfield so we've been watching Garfield ALL morning.
Doesn't everyone love Garfield?
Well that's it!
Bye Bye! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Fun in the Sun!

I haven't been on in quite a while. To catch everyone up I'm going on to middle school! Lil' Red has grown up a lot and Chatty is still the same a fat, furry, cutie. :) Ellie is going to preschool again and Ian and Jacob moving on to fifth grade. My sixth grade year was really enjoyable.

Summer Vacation: Best Vacation EVER! I absoulutley love Florida! We saw dolphins!! We made a cute little jar full of sand and shells from the beach. Our condo was clean and had awesome views. Behind our condo was a lake, in the lake was an alligator! Umm Awesome right? :)

We go to the pool at least twice a week and go roller skating every Wednesday! The pool is awesome! It's not very crowded so you can go off the diving board like a million times in a row. Ellie is a natural at roller skating!

I got a lap top!! :D I'm hoping to put up pics later.
I hope everyone is having an awesomely awesome summer! :) Bye!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, My Scrapbook, and My iPod

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's 2010! Yeah!
I watched the ball drop with my family last night and it was pretty fun.
I also started a scrapbook. I am collecting postcards.
Here is my first page!

This is my second page!
This is my third and fourth page!

This is my last page!

It took me a while but it was FUN!!!!
This is my ipod Touch I got for Christmas!
I LOVE it!!! I have used it sooooooooo much!
Every morning my alarm cat wakes me up!
Can you guess who it is?
It's Red.
He comes in my room at like 7:00, jumps on my bed, meows, and to finish it off he licks my face!
I LOVE Red but I am really tired sometimes.
Chatty is doing good!
Today was Fun overall!
I hope ya'll have a good New Year!