Friday, August 28, 2009


I started school a couple weeks ago. So far so good....

Last Friday My friends came over to have a slumber party!

We had a lot of fun.

In the pic. above is my Lil' Kitty.


School has been really good so far.

I really like my teacher.

Today was the No Strike Out Party.

If you didn't get three strikes you got to have popcorn and have extra recess.

I didn't strike out. ;)

Chatty and Red are doin' fine.

Red still a little wacky and Chatty just one lazy boy.

Well tomorrow my Grandparent's are coming to visit.

Bye Everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Partying!

At Meme's House Ellie had a party.
Ellie's Cake Ellie eatting her cake.

Her present from Meme.

At Grandma Bernie and Grandpa's House.
Her Home made cake.
Her present from Grandma Bernie and Grandpa.
In Backgroun Ellie, Me, Ian, Jacob, and my cousins
My fish I caught at my Uncle's lake.
Tomorrow school starts.
My teacher is Mrs. Ambrose.
Ian's teacher is Mrs. Carson.
Jacob's teacher is Mr. Carson.
Can't wait...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kimie and Ellie!

Hi! It was my friend Kimie's and my sis Ellie's Birthday.
Each party was fun.
In this pic you will see Kimie and Sarah.

In this one you will see Dad, Ian, Jacob, Ellie, Me, and Hello Kitty.

Ellie and Pandy.
Pandy was her gift. She got to stuff her and cloth her.
Pandy's in her Pajamas.
Ellie and Pandy riding home from Build-A-Bear Workshop.
I Liked the clothes Ellie picked out.
Don't you?
Well that's all folks!