Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Play Doh!

Hey! We made Play Doh! Mom, Ellie, and I.We made blue, red, green, and yellow. My fave is blue.... Ellie ruined the blue and green. :(
Here they are!

This would be my Play Doh Pizza!

This would be my Mom's famous Play Doh Cherry Cookies.
That was fun to make.
Guess What!!
This Friday I'm going to my Meme's House! (By Myself)
We are going Tubing! : )
I can't wait.
I'll get pics. of everything and blog about it.
See Ya! : )


  1. Can't wait to see ya! Love, Meme

  2. Love your Play Dough pizza. Pizza is my very favorite food!
    Enjoy your visit with Meme.

  3. That is one delicious looking pizza! :)
    Maybe we need to put the recipie for our play doh on your blog so that other kids can enjoy some good times! :)

  4. I love Play Doh. I like playing with it as well as making it. Yours looks like a lot of fun,

    Have a great time with Meme.

    Jan R in Maryland