Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July and Mom's Birthday

Hello Everyone! Let me catch you all up with what is happening.It was my Mom's Birthday on July 5th. The cake was marble with chocolate buttercream icing. It had ballons on it.
For Mom's Birthday we went to Olive Garden. Yummy!
And this was on The Fourth of July. Ellie was being fashionable with her glow stick.
This was the first year we actually did real fireworks! It was Amazingly Awesome!
Tonight I have a softball game. Hopefully we will win.
Yesterday we had a badmitton contest.
Me VS. Dad
The score was 3 to 15.
I lost by a lot.
Well that's all!


  1. Good luck at your game tonight!

  2. The cake sounds delicicous, I'm sure it's all gone by now. Good luck at the game.

  3. Katie, you are a sweetie, could you please pick better pictures of your Mama? :)
    Ellie is funny with her glow stick...little princess, huh?!

  4. Hope you won your softball game. Little Ellie is so cute with her glowstick. I like to eat at the Olive Garden too~

  5. What a nice thing that Edgar and Rico sent you guys some glow stitcks! How fun was that! Did you win your ballgame? I use to play when I was just a little older than you are now. I was in the 7th grade. A long time ago! hahahaha
    Hug Mom for me!

  6. Does your mom think those fireworks are for her every year?? :)

    That cake sounds delicious!