Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kimie and Ellie!

Hi! It was my friend Kimie's and my sis Ellie's Birthday.
Each party was fun.
In this pic you will see Kimie and Sarah.

In this one you will see Dad, Ian, Jacob, Ellie, Me, and Hello Kitty.

Ellie and Pandy.
Pandy was her gift. She got to stuff her and cloth her.
Pandy's in her Pajamas.
Ellie and Pandy riding home from Build-A-Bear Workshop.
I Liked the clothes Ellie picked out.
Don't you?
Well that's all folks!


  1. Dear Katie,
    Looks like you had fun with both parties. I wish I could of had a piece of that Little Kitty looked delicious. Tell Jacob I hope his eyes don't stay they way they are in the picture. See you Friday xoxoxo meme

  2. Two parties - sounds good to me!

  3. Two birthday parties? Wow that's just way too much fun! Ellie's cake is so cute! And we are big fans of Build-A-Bear around here!! Do you have any Build-A-Bears of your own?

  4. Love the Pandy ! Happy Birthday to both girls. The cake looks so good :)

  5. You've been a partyin' fool!
    We had a fun party with Ellie didn't we?!
    I didn't notice Jacob's eyes until Meme said her comment...LOL! Look at them :) Jacob...what a funny duddy he is! LOL!