Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Fun in the Sun!

I haven't been on in quite a while. To catch everyone up I'm going on to middle school! Lil' Red has grown up a lot and Chatty is still the same a fat, furry, cutie. :) Ellie is going to preschool again and Ian and Jacob moving on to fifth grade. My sixth grade year was really enjoyable.

Summer Vacation: Best Vacation EVER! I absoulutley love Florida! We saw dolphins!! We made a cute little jar full of sand and shells from the beach. Our condo was clean and had awesome views. Behind our condo was a lake, in the lake was an alligator! Umm Awesome right? :)

We go to the pool at least twice a week and go roller skating every Wednesday! The pool is awesome! It's not very crowded so you can go off the diving board like a million times in a row. Ellie is a natural at roller skating!

I got a lap top!! :D I'm hoping to put up pics later.
I hope everyone is having an awesomely awesome summer! :) Bye!